In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

We take eggs and sperm and put them together outside of the body hoping they will fertilise. The fertilised egg is then termed an embryo.

We grow the embryos in the laboratory and then transfer a single embryo to the woman. Embryos that are not transferred can be frozen (cryopreserved) and used at a later date. Embryos can also be genetically tested before freezing and transferred to the woman once results of the genetic testing are known.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many women come to our IVF Center seeking help to have children. We see almost 24% of our patients older than 40 years. Some of them tried before and were not successful and some are trying for the first time. For some of our patients, they have no other choice.

The IVF trial is affordable to the average income people. The success rate at this stage is making it costly and the cost in Bahrain is equal if not less than in the neighboring countries.

We are using genetic testing for those cases that have genetic (Chromosomal abnormalities as recommended by the medical Geneticists. We also advise women with advanced maternal age and repeated IVF trials failure to use these tests to exclude the abnormal embryos before transferring them back to the mothers.

The most important factor is age. The younger (i,e less than 35 years) the better the chances. In addition, weight is very important as well. Those who are having high body mass index BMI must change their lifestyle and reduce their weight.

The regulations for IVF practice by NHRA and the Ministry of health have put this category of medical practice at a very high level and standard. We appreciate them putting such regulations because it matches what everyone was looking for. I would like to thank and mention our colleagues who worked on this for years to make the practice of the highest standard.

The latest is the advances in implantation techniques and Gene editing which are going to revolutionize the treatments using IVF technologies.

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